This is A.M.

mellow problem solver.

My life is not perfect. Bad stuff happens, things I wish that would never happen. Arguments, mistakes, regrets, heartbreaks, and unsatisfaction are some instances in my life that can eventually develop into larger problems. Whenever I approach these problems, my mindset is to solve them before it turns into a problem I cannot handle. The ultimate goal is to solve that problem, so I will go through any resource necessary and seek any advice possible to achieve that goal, all with a calm mindset. I soak in the information and think carefully before making any decisions first, but also embrace mistakes made in the process. I learn through this process so that I can become a better problem solver and have a stronger mindset for the next time I go through another similar situation.

marathon mindset.

Y’all ever feel so behind when your friends post stuff on social media and it makes you question your existence? Friends posting the places they have gone, the things they have bought, the colleges they have committed to, or the awards they have received? That used to get to my head and make me feel bad about myself because I felt like people around me accomplished so much more than I. I got over that easily after realizing what my goals were and why I was doing the things I invest time in. I realized I wanted to be one of the best doctors in the world and to do that, did I really have to care what my friends were up to? The only person I should be focusing on to achieve that goal is myself.

People will talk smack, bring you down, or call you out just to make themselves feel better about the choices they make in life. Take their smack talk with a smile and say “I get what your saying,” move on, and work on that assignment you have due or your room that you have been waiting to decorate or that PC you have been dying to build. Yeah life is a race, but no one said that the first one who finishes it will be the ultimate winner. There are so many winners in life and the reason why they win is because they work to achieve the best version of themselves rather than to achieve the best version of their friends. Most of my friends will be done with their education in the next few years, while I still have another decade to go. Worrying about my friends’ goals or accomplishments will not get me anywhere.

outdoor connoisseur.

Not quite a connoisseur but hope to be one someday. I just used the word connoisseur because it gave a ring for the title. I love the outdoors: hiking, ATVing, camping, zip-lining, cliff diving, swimming, boating, you name it. My love for the outdoors originated ever since I was a little kid. My family being immigrant parents, explored the depths of America and brought me along too. I was as amazed as my parents were about the beauty of nature in the United States. Ever since then we have been going to trips around the world and have done so many outdoor activities as a family. Additionally, as an Eagle Scout I have been to many summer camps, backpacking trips, one night campouts, camporees, and merit badge fairs. Being a Boy Scout fueled my love for the outdoors and gave me exposure to nature in ways I could not imagine. I even had the chance to go to “Philmont”, a ten-day trip to the ultimate Boy Scout ranch consisting of the Rockies in New Mexico. As an outdoors-man of sort, I even create travel videos of my experience and post them on my YouTube channel.

federer’s worst nightmare.

I am a huge Federer fan and I love playing tennis. I played in my high school ‘s varsity tennis team as the first singles for all four years. I have played countless USTA (United States Tennis Association) tournaments and have achieved ranks within the top 200 (within the Eastern region) for the Boy’s 12, 14, 16, and 18 divisions. I currently play in a USTA Men’s over 18 league in which I am a part of a team and we compete against other teams in our region. My first year on this team we placed second in the regionals tournament and lost by one point, which would have sent us to the National tournament in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has cancelled our season for this year so we have to wait until things clear up. As you can see I am the best tennis player in the world, and I will easily beat Roger Federer. If you are reading this Federer, pick a time and place and it is going down.

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lil yachty enthusiast.

We all have phases with music. Or sometimes we don’t. I started off in life listening to basically whatever my parents listened to and that consisted of either Hindi songs or rock songs from my dad’s side of music. It was not until middle school where I was introduced to a new genre of music by my closest friend: dubstep. Middle school flies by and I am a freshman in high school, still listening to dubstep and EDM in my Computer Aided Design class. The African American kid sitting next to me, conveniently the second singles of our high school’s tennis varsity team, shows me a funny song by the artist Lil Yachty called “Minnesota”. The rest is history. Ever since then I have been attached to Lil Yachty’s music and look forward to every album he has dropped and every song he is featured on. My love for dubstep immediately vanished and ever since then I have been listening to rap music, my favorite especially being Lil Yachty.